Grundfos addresses Lebanon’s water crisis

Grundfos Water Utility team were called in during June to train Lebanon’s water authorities and consultants on the latest water solutions to tackle the country’s growing water crisis.

Organised by Grundfos partner Obeid for Pumps Establishment (OFP) on behalf of the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water, the trainings focused on the latest developments in pumping systems and technology and identified how intelligent systems using digital communication, variable frequency drives and advanced control systems are now delivering optimum efficiency and more robust and reliable pumping networks.

With Lebanon struggling to replace and update its water and wastewater infrastructure following the 2006 conflict and an inflow of an estimated 1.5 million refugees, pressure on its largely outdated pumping networks has never been greater. The crisis is now deepening as critical groundwater supplies are becoming increasingly prone to contamination by growing volumes of untreated wastewater and sewage.

“The training was designed to focus on developing energy efficient and sustainable networks for clean water and wastewater distribution and treatment, which are now critically important to the country’s future” said Ahmad Sami Wajoukh, Grundfos’s Assistant Sales Manager.

The trainings were led by Feroz Khan Mohammed Jaffer, Rajesh Sunkarineni and Narasimhan Krishnaswamy for consultant’s, with dedicated seminars for Bureau Technique Pour La Developpement (BTD) and World engineering & Technology (WET), the two organizations are now helping to drive many of Lebanon’s  water and wastewater projects.