Grundfos celebrates half century of care

Grundfos’ care for its employees, its local communities and disadvantaged groups around the world has reached a major milestone this year, as the company celebrates anamazing 50-years of global Social Responsibility.

Since establishing the country’s first ever privately-funded sheltered workshop in Denmark in 1968, the company has used its expanding network of companies around the world to pioneer social care, supporting employees through periods of extreme challenge, helping and guiding young people with literacy and other problems to play a role in their communities and, more recently, helping refugees to integrate more effectively into their new communities.

Building on the compassionate work of Grundfos founder, Paul Due Jensen, the company has continued to build an organisation where support for people in need is a key part of the corporate DNA – where people are encouraged and supported to believe in themselves and in the ongoing contribution that their skills can
provide for local communities.

This responsibility starts with employees, who are supported through even long periods of illness, and helped to return to work with Flex jobs – working fewer hours or taking on a new and more appropriate role within their company. Underlining the importance of supporting and retaining its workforce, the Group has set a goal to retain 3% of its global employees with reduced work capacity.

Around the world, from Denmark to Germany, China and Taiwan to Hungary and latterly in Serbia, Grundfos companies have pledged to take on employees on special terms, helping local people to develop new skills and make a positive contribution to
their local communities.

As the world has changed, so Grundfos has risen to the challenge, more recently providing work experience and language tuition for refugees and migrants – helping them to adapt more quickly to their new surroundings and cultures.

This commitment to Social Responsibility by Grundfos companies and their employees has resulted in numerous awards and special prizes, including, in 2015, Hungary’s ’Telenor Ethical Company Award’, and in 2016, Mexico’s ‘Future Now Award’, for employee initiatives to help citizens in need of support.

Importantly for the Middle East, where water conservation and management remain a growing concern, the company, in 2010, launched ‘Grundfos Brings Water2Life’ a programme under which Grundfos employees can donate time to support water-based projects – a programme that is now active in 50 countries across the world.