Grundfos Dubai Walks for Water

The walk served the purpose of creating awareness of the harsh conditions many women and children in Africa endure every day by walking 6 KM to obtain water.

With over 10% of the world’s population still without easy access to clean water, ensuring sustainable, clean water supplies for all has been designated the Sustainable Development Goal 6 ‘SDG6’, as part of the worldwide campaign by the United Nations. World Water Day is helping to bring the campaign into focus by raising awareness of water problems amongst individuals and organisations around the world.

As a company with sustainability at its heart, Grundfos has been working closely with the United Nations and national governments to use its intimate knowledge of water supply and advanced pumping solutions to help support SDG6, as well as the linked SDG13 relating to energy efficiency and global warming.

“Whilst we are deeply involved in projects around the world that are bringing fresh water supplies for the first time to remote and deprived communities”, said Grundfos Gulf Area Managing Director, Kostas Poulopoulos, “we believe that truly solving the water problem is a challenge for each and every one of us. We need to start with ourselves – with our employees, and with their families and friends, encouraging them to recognise the problem and star conserving precious water.”