Grundfos #ForOurWater campaign gets Marathon boost

As a company with sustainability at its heart, the world-leading pump manufacturer has been actively contributing to UAE’s sustainability goals and the Middle East through its innovative water solutions.

Strongly advocating UN Sustainable Development Goal SDG 6, which aims to bring Clean Water and Sanitation to all by the end of this decade, the company regularly takes part in awareness activities across the region on water and energy conservation.

The employees’ latest participation at the Dubai Marathon is part of an ongoing programme of high-profile water-focused events to raise awareness of the daily challenge faced by African women and children who must walk vast distances to obtain water.

The run follows a 6-month fitness challenge in Grundfos’ Dubai office, part of the company’s campaign to promote healthy living and fitness and help employees achieve full potential in both their business and personal lives.

“Water is the life blood of our world; without it we could not sustain our food supplies and life itself would be extinct. It is simply not acceptable that, today, 2.2 billion
people in the world still does not have access to clean drinking water. Said Sikander Ejaz, Marketing Lead for Gulf, Levant & Pakistan.

“Water is a particular challenge in our own region where fresh water supplies are under increasing pressure”, he said. “Every mind we change, every drop of water saved makes a difference. We’re here today to create wider awareness on the global water challenges...”