Grundfos HVAC event targets energy wastage

Grundfos Gulf Distribution put the spotlight on the unacceptably high level of energy currently wasted by inefficient and badly designed HVAC systems when it addressed an audience of partners and key clients at a special HVAC Day in May.

Opening the event, which was held at the Grundfos’ offices in Dubai, Tolga Candan Business Development Manager Energy Opt & Retrofit said “Buildings account for a massive 70% of all UAE energy usage – with half of that down to HVAC systems alone. Energy Checks carried out by Grundfos experts on buildings throughout the region show that energy use can be cut dramatically – in some cases by up to 60%, by installing the latest high efficiency pumps, and by engineering HVAC systems that respond to demand and therefore operate more efficiently.”

The audience of clients and partners, which included representatives from Taka Solutions, M.A.H.Y. Khoory, UEG and Danway, then moved to the Grundfos Studio Miyah pump showroom for an interactive tour through the history of pump development and the chance to see the very latest high-tech developments from Grundfos’ world-leading range.   

After a talk on energy optimization, the focus moved to system connectivity and control with demonstrations of Grundfos remote management systems, including the CU352 multi-pump control unit and the latest GrundfosGO, which enables pump systems to be connected, controlled and reconfigured remotely using an iPhone or other mobile device.

Discussion then turned to pump technology, with the audience shown the benefits of different pump types and configurations before moving on to the latest ‘intelligent’ solutions developed by Grundfos and a final session on different types of HVAC systems, problem solving and best practice design, including solutions for badly designed systems and the pros and cons of different pump types.

After lunch and a chance to network with colleagues from other industries, visitors were taken on a tour of the Grundfos Dubai facilities, before leaving.

Following the event, Ronak Monga Business Development Manager, HVAC added, “This was an important step in getting the HVAC community to understand the depth of the problem that exists with inefficient HVAC systems. We know from experience that massive savings in both energy and cost can be achieved by using the latest energy efficient pump systems and matching performance to demand. To do this, however, it is crucial that everyone, from the building owner and operator to the designer, engineer and pump supplier work together from the earliest design stage to find effective individual solutions for individual buildings. We hope that today will help to focus minds on where we go from here"