Grundfos reinforces sustainable development message at the 10th Annual Sustainable Development Congress in Sharjah

Organised by Alleem Business Congress, the event, on 11th December, brought together business leaders from across the globe to discuss developments and best practice in global sustainability and learn how these could be applied on a local basis across the region’s fast growing commercial and industrial infrastructure.

Speaking on behalf of Grundfos, Business Development Manager, Tolga Candan, an expert in Retrofit and Energy Optimisation, discussed how the Middle East’s drive to improve energy efficiency was being frustrated by a network of largely old and inefficient pumps, which were not only affecting the stability of the region’s water and sewage handling, manufacturing processes and other critical operations, but in many cases wasting massive amounts of precious energy.

“Pumps are the hidden treasure in the Middle East’s drive for sustainability”, said Mr. Candan, “the latest developments in pump manufacture, control and technology, means that today’s pumps can ‘think’ for themselves, automatically adjusting to meet changes in pressure, demand and other operational requirements, so that they are less expensive to manage and maintain, whilst delivering massive improvements in system efficiency and lower energy usage”.

“Across the world, companies that have adopted the new ‘intelligent’ pumping technology, have reported savings of up to 60% in their energy usage, as well as big savings in maintenance and ongoing equipment costs. Whilst leading Middle East Utilities and major companies are beginning to adopt the new technology, we need to move faster if we are to achieve the sustainability goals we have been set. Grundfos provides a Pump Audit/Energy Check offering to help middle east to battle those inefficiencies through identify, re-design and execute turnkey solutions, which interested owners, facility management solutions and operators can contact the Grundfos reps via”, he concluded.

As well as the opportunity to discuss their world leading technology and developments, Grundfos walked away with another major bonus – a prestigious ‘Best Marketing and Branding Award’ for its display stands at the event, which were voted the best amongst all of the companies present.