Grundfos talks pump efficiency at Retrofit summit

‘Replacing old and inefficient pumps with modern high efficiency pumping systems will save water and cut energy usage by up to 60%’, was Grundfos’ message to more than 500 industry professionals at this year’s fifth annual RetrofitTech MENA Summit on 9-10th April.

The RetrofitTech Summit was hosted by Etihad ESCO and its associate Taqati, the organisations tasked with making Dubai a world leader in energy efficiency. It was designed to highlight the latest technologies for achieving energy and water efficiency savings and provide an insight into the progress of retrofitting programs and strategies taking place across the MENA Region.

It is sponsored by leading global and local manufacturers of sustainable solutions representing every sector of industry, from energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems to energy management and controls.

Why are pumps so important?

Pumps are everywhere. They drive essential water supply and cooling systems in our homes and offices and are at the heart of most commercial and industrial processes. Yet, due to age, over-specification or poor control, it is estimated that 90% of all the pumps installed across the Middle East and North Africa are operating inefficiently. Consequently, we are wasting massive amounts of energy and water, making retrofitting with modern high efficiency pumps a key part of MENA’s strategy going forward.

The Energy Check revolution

Before users can act, they need to understand where the biggest problems lie, delegates were told. So Grundfos has been working closely with its authorized distributors to establish and train teams of specialist engineers to carry out free Energy Checks. These checks use existing pump history and data to help building owners and facilities managers better understand the level of efficiency of their pump systems and make informed choices about replacements.

The checks also suggest suitable cost-effective replacements and project savings by using high-efficiency Grundfos pumping systems.

“When considering replacement pumps, companies generally fail to realise it is not the initial cost, but the whole of life cost that is important”, said Grundfos Business Development Manager for Energy Optimisation and Retrofit, Tolga Candan. “A massive 85% of lifetime cost for any pump is down to the energy it takes to run it, so improving efficiency is key.

“In fact, savings in electricity bills and maintenance costs generally pay back the investment within 1-2 years, making replacement a very sound business investment. This is one of the key messages we are getting across to participants at this year’s Summit.”

Energy Check has already led to major savings in energy for customers across the region, from Dubai’s Sheraton Hotel where retrofitting a new Grundfos control unit delivered annual energy savings of over 210,000 kWh, to Indigo tower who cut energy use by 81% by retrofitting their old inefficient pumps.

More recently, installing new high efficiency Grundfos pumps in Dubai’s 17-storey Green Tower, solved operational problems with the building’s chilled water system and cut energy consumption by 60%. The installation paid for itself in just 9 months.

State-of-the-art solutions

Grundfos has developed energy-efficient solutions for applications across the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Several of these were on show at the Summit.

The groundbreaking Scala2 – a breakthrough development for residential water supply, proved a real winner. This unique pressure booster pump utilizes advanced technology and integrated design to provide constant water pressure throughout the home, regardless of the number of outlets open. Using up to 80% less energy than conventional systems, its advanced technology detects hidden leaks early, preventing massive potential waste.

The TPE3 Vertical Inline pump also provides unrivalled efficiency and intelligent functionalities. With a range of applications from heating and heat-recovery systems to domestic hot water recirculation, the new pump’s intelligent communication and controls provide IE5-plus energy efficiency. Also, boiler set points can be reduced from 60 to 50 by using oxiperm clo2 disinfection against legionella hence producing massive savings.

Rounding-off the displays was the latest Grundfos CU 352 Multi-Pump Controller an optimized controller designed to control up to 6 pumps in parallel.

At the end of the very successful 2-day event, Tolga Candan welcomed the opportunity to meet industry peers and colleagues.

“With Climate changing faster than ever before, we must all play our part in ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations”, he said. “At Grundfos we do this by continuously innovating, taking pride in our leadership and setting new trends in energy efficient pumps. We’re actively working with local authorities and businesses through Energy Check and other initiatives, enabling them to save over 70% of their pump associated costs and thus reduce their carbon footprint.”