Grundfos targets Karachi with Smart technology

Starting on the 26th March, Grundfos and local partner Orient Technologies, carried out seven in-depth training sessions over a four-day period at the premises of Karachi’s leading consulting companies. The objective was to demonstrate the dramatic reductions in water waste and energy usage that can be achieved using the company’s latest generation of super-high efficiency pumps and controls.

A total of 55 top consultants attended the sessions, during which Grundfos’ technical specialist Iván Szádóczki and local representative Nasir Faridi stressed the long-term benefits of adopting the latest pump technology. By combining high efficiency pumps with integrated controls, sensors and the latest cloud communication technology users can precisely match pump output to demand, cutting energy usage drastically.

Several key areas were investigated during the sessions, including HVAC systems in buildings, which currently account for an estimated 40% of Pakistan’s total energy consumption, and are increasing rapidly with the growth in new developments.

Specific systems covered included the Scala2, a ground-breaking intelligent booster pump that responds to changes in domestic discharge pressure and automatically compensates to ensure perfect water pressure throughout the home, even when multiple outlets are in use. This pump uses water more efficiently and cuts waste by facilitating early detection of hidden leaks, as well as dramatically cutting energy use.

Also featured was the Grundfos CMBE Booster, a compact integrated constant pressure pump for domestic, commercial and agricultural applications. The advanced pump incorporates the latest permanent magnet motor technology for unmatched reliability, quiet operation and optimum energy savings.

“As a supporter and advocate for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDG6 and SDG13, Grundfos is working across the world to promote safe water supplies for all and actions to address global warming”, said Iván Szádóczki after the events.

“It is personally very rewarding that we are now able to use our technological innovations and the experience we have gained to help develop sustainable water and energy infrastructures which will improve the health, safety and life comforts of Pakistan’s197 million inhabitants”.