Visions are turned into reality

World Vision and Grundfos want to supply water to the world. The target is to provide millions of people with access to water by 2020. Already now, a significant milestone is reached.

The American NGO World Vision and Grundfos have joined forces to secure water for people worldwide. The partnership’s ambitious target is to reach two million people by 2020, but the collaboration is already now picking up pace. Today, water flows to 300,000 new consumers, primarily in Africa, but also in Asia.

“The global water challenges can only be solved through massive efforts from governments accompanied by NGO’s capable of reaching the poorest parts of the world, in close cooperation with the private sector in order to provide sustainable, market driven solutions,” says Greg Allgood of World Vision.

The partnership builds on World Vision’s extensive knowledge of the world’s developing areas as well as their large network in the same places, and our technology and knowledge. Among other things, solar powered Grundfos-innovations as the SQFlex are in play. The submersible pumps are particularly suited to work in remote areas of the world, where access to electricity is scarce, but sunlight is abundantly available.

“Our water technology can play a decisive part in bringing water to people worldwide. Therefore, we must commit ourselves, and therefore, we will put in our efforts to find solutions to the challenges. This, we are going to do, among other things, by utilizing our expertise in close collaboration with partners all over the world, spanning the public, private and civil spheres,” says Mads Nipper, CEO at Grundfos.

For further material have a look at this blog or video from World Vision.