Water2Life previous projects

From 2010 until today

Vietnam 2013 - 2017

In 2013, Water2Life started its second project in Vietnam where water is everywhere but it’s undrinkable. This water challenge was the next for Grundfos employees and with a goal of providing clean water to ten communities within 3 years, we rose to the challenge and created even greater success.

Vietnam is a country of water paradoxes with the biggest being: there is not a lack of water, but a lack of CLEAN water. There is basically water everywhere because of all the rivers and canals form the Mekong River. These are for many people the only source of water but the water is heavily polluted by heavy metals, chemical and bacteria. The only alternative is rainwater caught off the rooftops and kept in big jars. Rainwater is seen as being the cleanest drinking water and is kept for a long time. Buying bottled water is not considered an alternative for poor people as it is too expensive.

During dry seasons the concentration of chemicals in the water rises and forces the day labourers to wear rubber boots to avoid burning their skin. Also, clothes washing and taking bath in the river during dry seasons burn the skin and leaves it itching and damaged skin. Moreover, water borne diseases are everywhere and are causing huge problems for the locals.

Through Water2Life in Vietnam:

  • Safe water was brought to 27,000 people and 19,404 cattles in ten local communities
  • 109,685 meters of pipelines were laid out to deliver clean water to households
  • CO2 emissions were reduced by 40% after installing a solar panel system to local waterworks
  • Together with our local NGO partner, Thrive Networks, we engaged locals and children in the handling, usage and disposal of water to avoid contamination

Kenya 2010 - 2013

Our Water2Life programme started in Kenya in 2010, where thousands of people were lacking access to clean water. Within three years, Grundfos employees provided access to clean water to more than 16,000 people with a total of 11 Lifelink water systems.

The northern part of Kenya is severely hit by frequent droughts and water shortages which made it a natural place for Water2Life to start up the first project. In this area, Kenyans were forced to collect dirty water from rivers and other water sources that often dried out completely during dry seasons. They walked long distances only to carry back dirty water with them,  and at the same time waterborne diseases were a constant challenge - but this has changed due to Water2Life.

From 2010 to 2013 Grundfos employees collected funds through different activities, from celebrating UN World Water Day, selling cake, arranging water races, competitions, raffle dazzles, tombola, auctions, and many more activities. A common denominator for all activities was to combine fun with socialising and sustainability awareness. In that way both the colleagues and Water2Life would benefit from the initiatives.

Through Water2Life in Kenya:

  • More than 16,000 people have access to clean water now
  • 11 water systems have been established¨
  • Local children are able to better concentrate on their education because of a better health
  • Families are given the possibility of growing crops and running a sustainable business
  • The women are given more time to attend other duties than collecting water
  • The local people now have to treat the clean water properly

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