12 reasons to switch to   Grundfos Hydro Boosters

Soft Pressure Buildup 

Have you ever wondered the reasons for your frequent pipe or joint breakdowns in your installation?

Find out how Grundfos "Soft-pressure buildup" function can safeguard your hydro booster systems against damaging effects of water hammer. 

Stop Function 

Is your booster system running continuously even where is a minimal consumption?

Find out how Grundfos "Stop function" feature can reduce unnecessary churning of your pumps at low flow condition & save energy

Factory Assembled Booster System

What makes a hydro booster system really unique and performing ? 

Find out how Grundfos Hydro Booster Systems are compliant with WRAS approvals in ensuring hygenic water supply to its users.

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Saudi Arabia Uses Grundfos Boosters In Major Security Campus Buildings Upgrade

Major upgrades of Saudi Arabian security campuses across the country brought a need for more energy-efficient and reliable booster pumps in new buildings. The pumps needed to handle shifting demands across several zones in the most efficient way possible. The project’s leading consultant chose Grundfos MPC-E booster sets for the task.

 Water distribution in high rise buildings

Designing water distribution systems for high rise buildings can be complex. Simplify it with the latest innovation on water boosting systems, and optimum performance without the high energy costs.

Dive into the details making all the difference

Take a closer look at the intricate features of Grundfos’ booster systems  designed to address your pain points.

Hear how crucial the manifold design is when it comes to delivering safe and hygienic drinking water for all.

See how variable speed water transfer systems reduce water hammer, noise and maintenance issues in tall buildings.

Discover how pumps with integrated VFDs deliver optimal overall efficiency when compared to pumps with external VFDs.

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