How Much Water Does Your Lawn Need?

Did you know that almost 30% of total household water is used for outdoor lawns and gardens? 

According to a recent article1, in regions where summers last most of the year, home and garden owners spend a significant amount of time, money, and resources maintaining their lawns.

In the Middle East, what methods can be adopted by homeowners to reduce their outdoor water usage?

During hot dry weathers, outdoor water use is in high demand and is thus a frequent target of water conservation efforts, at times compromising on garden health. Using water smartly to maintain healthy gardens can help save a great amount of water daily.

Below are some tips on maintaining a beautiful garden as well as being sustainable.


Source: 1  American Society for Horticultural Science,

Frequency of watering your garden

The most compatible choice in the Middle East is to use an irrigation system to water your lawn. This should be done twice a day during summer for around 5 to 7 minutes each time. Alternatively, during winters it should be done for 5 minutes on alternate days.

Taking Care of the Soil 

Healthy soil is one of the most crucial parts of maintaining gardens. In parallel, for potted plants, use sandy soil that has been combined with organic materials such as peat to assist the fertilizer to stay in place.

Maintaining the Aesthetics 

There are various things you can do to keep your ground from drying out too quickly. Longer, slower watering is the most efficient approach; by using drip-irrigation. This delivers the same amount of water to the ground as a standard high-pressure sprinkler, but over a longer period.

Else water your garden with low pressure outlet to ensure optimum soil absorption. With high pressure, the water might run off, leaving the lower layers of soil dry. This can cause the roots to be exposed or too close to the surface.

Smart ways of reducing water consumption

Invest in a smart irrigation system. Our SCALA1 water pumps are all-in-one, fully integrated water pumps that are suitable for irrigation. Using the scheduling function of the SCALA1 pump can promote equal and efficient water supply to your gardens. The calendar function of the Grundfos GO Remote app can be used to set the pump operation schedule.

Through its capacity to survive the desert conditions thanks to the high-quality materials used, the SCALA1 pumps deliver durability with little to no water leakage during irrigation and gardening.

Nevertheless, implementing these strategies to manage your lawn and be resource-conscious may take time and effort, but the gorgeous grass and extra water you save will be well worth it.

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