The Grundfos HOME app: Take full control of your water system

Designed for homeowners, the new Grundfos HOME app lets you take full control of your water system so you can keep your home safe and comfortable at all times.

Combine perfect pressure with easy control

The Grundfos HOME app is built to control the Grundfos SCALA1 pump. To start optimising your home’s water system, download the app and connect it to your SCALA1 pump. It’s the easy way to ensure your water’s working the way you want.

Detect leakage before it causes water damage

The Grundfos HOME app helps detect leakages throughout your home and sends you a notification if an issue arises. That way, you can prevent water damage, keep your home safe and ensure peace of mind.

Experience the comfort and safety of full control

Download the Grundfos HOME App and connect to your SCALA1 pump to get started. Experience the convenience and efficiency that comes with perfect pressure and full control – and keep your entire home safe and comfortable.

The benefits of the Grundfos HOME App

The Grundfos HOME app will notify you in the event of leakage so you can feel safe and comfortable at all times.

The built-in garden calendar makes it easy to maintain the perfect garden all year round.

The app makes it easy for installers to access the documentation they need on your pump solution.

Upgrade your home water system with the SCALA1 pump

Equipped with an efficient and quiet motor, the SCALA1 is a compact water pressure and irrigation booster pump – making it the ideal choice for homeowners that want to ensure perfect water pressure throughout the home and garden.

Are you a homeowner and want to improve water comfort in your daily life?

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