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At Grundfos Homes, our mission is clear.

Providing families with long-lasting sustainable and smart water solutions, we focus on transforming basic water use into a one-of-a-kind unrivalled experience that is centred on comfort and convenience.

Unique, right?

Consider us your Sustainable Superhero, protecting your home with cutting-edge water solutions.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

The Situation

With the world population expected to reach almost 10 Billion by 2050 and high rate of urbanisation, the climate impact is expected to double, if not more.

At Grundfos, our goal is to help reduce this impact by making homes more environmentally friendly through our smart and sustainable solutions.

The Outcome

Consider this.

It's a hot sunny day, and you're watching your lawn slowly dry up in the searing sun. You want to walk outside and turn on the water pump so that your garden can be refreshed. You'd probably go out in the evening when it's cooler and the sun is setting.

But in fact, you don’t have to, if you have a smart pump like Grundfos SCALA1. Our all-in-one SCALA1 pump is developed keeping your convenience and comfort in mind, allowing you to set the pump indoors or outdoors, making it easier and more reliable.

Powered with a convenient scheduling function, the Scala1 enables you to water your lawn automatically at your desired schedule.

It is SMART after all.

Grundfos SCALA1

The Solution

Many houses in the Middle East are part of communities. And who doesn’t want to be a responsible member of their community?

By using the SCALA1 pump, you can be a more responsible member of your community by utilizing water in a more sustainable way.

Being sustainable towards the usage of water has proven to be a good technique to preserving water and water bodies.

The little actions make the biggest impacts.

Grundfos Sustainable Solutions

The Conclusion

We at Grundfos are here to help you.

We help you by providing a safe, reliable, and sustainable supply of water, by decreasing your carbon footprint and adapting an environmentally friendly way of living.

Spreading awareness for the importance of water is not new. However, with our pumps, we make contribution to water conservation, one pump at a time. Nevertheless, I am delighted to introduce Grundfos Homes to you - our family.

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Choosing the best pump for your home can be tough, so if you are interested in discovering the best water pump for your home, we are here for you.

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Our water is under pressure

Increasing urbanisation and our modern way of living place a heavy demand on the water supply. On top of this a combination of water contamination, leakages and over-consumption also challenges our access to safe and clean water. With intelligent solutions, we can make a change.