About Grundfos Pumps


Grundfos Pumps Pty Ltd is Australia’s part of a global network delivering pumping expertise and innovation in over 80 countries.

The local business was established in 1980 to meet and serve the unique needs of Australia’s mining, industry, agriculture, utilities, property and domestic sectors.

With our Head Office in Adelaide and regional sales offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, we are able to provide comprehensive technical advice, product availability and dealer support across the country.

As part of the international Grundfos Group, we are also able to provide Australians with rapid access to the latest pumping technologies and innovations, including ongoing improvements in performance, materials, special applications, power sources and operating efficiency. 

Grundfos stands behind all of our products and all of our customers – from farmers who need reliable water in remote paddocks, to miners who need constant supply and pressure to maintain production, to the residents of houses, offices and apartments all over Australia, who’ve come to enjoy a clean and steady water supply as a part of their everyday lives.

The sectors we serve

Almost anywhere water and other liquids need to be moved,
you’ll find Grundfos technologies hard at work. Within Australia,
we have an extensive product range and unrivalled application
expertise in:

  • Manufacturing and industrial
  • Mining
  • Utilities
  • Agriculture, irrigation and sports turf
  • Commercial buildings
  • Domestic applications

The breadth of our experience means we are ideally placed to adapt
or innovate solutions for new and unique situations. Just ask.

Continuous improvement

Our advances have delivered benefits in performance, efficiency and the recyclability of our products. We also use ultramodern electronics, so our pumps can regulate their output to match system demand.

We allow our customers do more, in more places, more sustainably and for less cost.

Our renewable energy systems make it easy to deploy stand-alone solar or wind-powered pumping systems far from mains electricity. Our solar arrays, controllers and pumps help ensure reliable, low maintenance water supply or transfer for a huge range of remote and off-grid applications.       

Commitment to quality

We operate a dedicated full-time test facility in Adelaide and every Australian-assembled Grundfos pump is quality and performance tested to the requirements of ISO 9906 (Rotodynamic pumps – Hydraulic performance acceptance tests – Grades 1, 2 & 3).

The dedicated facility means we can also test and certify pumps to AS2417, Lloyds Register Quality Assurance, EN 10204 and other standards or requirements on request.

It means every one of our pumps is delivered fit for purpose and backed by a 2 year global warranty against product and material defects. 

Every time you choose Grundfos pumps, you get performance and peace of mind built in.

Grundfos expertise

  • Pumps and Motors
  • Submersible pumps
  • Single stage pumps (end suction, inline and splitcase
  • Multistage pumps
  • Wastewater pumps
  • Solar and wind powered systems
  • Fire pumps
  • Mixers, flow makers, aerators and ejectors
  • Domestic boosters
  • Boosting pumps and systems
  • De-watering and drainage pumps
  • Dosing and disinfectant pumps
  • Controls and Monitoring
  • Accessories

Grundfos capabilities

  • Engineering and design
  • Product and quality control
  • Project management
  • Supply chain management


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Regional Sales Office

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