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Solar Pumping for a Sustainable Future
Barfield Station, Qld

Sunshine is rarely in short supply on the vast paddocks of Barfield Station, located in Central Queensland’s Dawson Valley. Water, on the other hand, is a precious resource. For owners Rob and Melanie Leather, running their 15,500 acre (6,272 hectare) organic beef operation would be impossible without a reliable supply of fresh, clean water.

Learn about Rob and Melinee's carbon neutral aspirations for their Cattle Station, and how Grundfos' Renewable Solar Solutions are helping them get there.

Looking for low maintenance off-grid pumping?

To access water off-grid, forget diesel - think Grundfos Solar!
A Grundfos Solar Pumping solution is easy to install, practically zero maintenance and can pay for itself in 3 years. So, to build drought resilience for years to come go with a Grundfos Solar Pumping solution.

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Solar Pumping Solutions Brochure

Grundfos offers a range of submersible and surface mount renewable
pumping solutions for a range of applications in rural or remote areas
inclduing stock watering, irrigation and agricultural water supply and



Small Submersible Bore Pump Range Brochure

The Grundfos 3" and 4" submersible pump range offer high efficiency, high sand resistance and reliability for a wide range of applications utilising groundwater.



Looking for a finance solution to install a
Grundfos Solar System? 

Our finance brokers work with you to ensure the best outcomes for
your personal and business needs. From as little as $90 a week,
you're sure to find a solution that best meets your needs.


Solar is up to 4 x cheaper than diesel

A Grundfos Solar Pumping Solution is up to 4 x cheaper than a diesel
generator powered pump over the first 10 years of operation!

Don't get caught our paying for unecessary running and maintenance costs.




Locate your nearest Authorised Grundfos Solar Dealer

Your Grundfos Authorised Solar Dealer possesses not only the best LOCAL knowledge, but also a genuine desire to discuss your individual pumping requirements and provide you with a professional Solar Pumping solution to meet your needs.

The Grundfos Plug ‘n Play Control Panel is designed to make connecting and controlling your SQ flex pump easy

Designed for your needs: The Plug ‘n Play control panel is an optional control panel providing an array of control options for a reliable operation.

We're excited to announce the extention of the SQ Flex range with 3 new models

Built with high quality stainless steel, the new range has been designed to handle harsh Australian conditions.

Compatible with Solar, Generator or AC power, the SQFLex range is the perfect solution for rural Stock Watering.

Energy efficient groundwater pumping taken to a new level with Grundfos SPE solutions

The SPE System combines reliability and energy efficiency, giving you lower costs over the lifetime of the pump system. The SPE System is easy to set up, adapts pump performance to changing conditions and is perfect for water supply and irrigation applications.

  • Permanent magnet motor for the highest possible energy efficiency
  • High grade and robust materials increase the time between service and reduce maintenance
  • Proven reliability and extended pump lifetime

A solar sizing and selection tool in the palm of your hands


With the Grundfos GO Solar app, you get quick and easy pump sizing regardless of your location,  internet connection or application needs.