Remote satellite monitoring for your SQFlex compact submersible pump

Built on the understanding that water is life for your stock and Station, Grundfos Solar Pumping Solutions provide reliable, sustainable water at the most remote bore sites. Grundfos Solar Connect closes the loop, with round-the-clock remote monitoring of your water infrastructure via satellite uplink.

It’s a simple plug-and-play installation that provides end-to-end oversight of your SQFlex pump status, pumped volume and tank level, so you know your stock has the water it needs. 

Solar monitoring solutions you can count on, suitable for a variety of application areas.


What's in the box?

Inside every Grundfos Solar Connect box, you will find everything you need to install and connect to your SQFlex pump.


Easy to install

GRUNDFOS Solar Connect uses a simple plug-and-play monitor that is supplied with all connection points needed for any SQFlex pump model. The stand-alone tank level monitor comes ready to go.

Easy to use

The pump and tank level monitors use direct-to orbit satellite communication technology. There is no need for WiFi, cellular or radio reception at the pump location.

Easy to appreciate

With regular updates and alerts that provide plenty of time to fix issues before the stock go thirsty, your station staff can focus on farm work – and only travel to a pump site when needed.

Easy to manage

Pump condition, performance, flow rates, tank level and even monitor unit battery level is all displayed on the affordable GRUNDFOS Solar Connect app.

Solar pump remote monitoring; a smart work tool on a remote outback cattle station

Discover first-hand insights from Eliza Pearson, a bore runner at Kalala Station in remote NT about how Solar Connect is making a real difference in maintaining water supply for the livestock on the station.

Eliza talks about the tangible benefits of remotely managing bores, as well other advantages brought about by this innovative technology.

An overview of the Grundfos Solar Connect system

It’s all in the App

The Solar Connect App is your window on your SQFlex pumps from anywhere, any time. Get push notifications and critical issue alerts, plus two-hourly system updates showing:

  • Pump status
  • Tank level
  • Pumped volume
  • Module battery status
  • Solar array performance
  • Historical data and analysis

All on your mobile phone or computer, all for only $1 a day.*

*App subscription fee is $30 per month, billed monthly in advance.


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