Reliable, versatile, efficient

Bring reliable groundwater supply to your property with Grundfos SQ/SQE/SQFlex compact submersible pumps.

Versatile and efficient with a wide operating voltage range and permanent magnet motor, they’ll suit all your groundwater needs while keeping running costs low. What’s more, they’re built to last, with a soft start mechanism and built-in protection systems.

Simple to install in 3″ or 4″ wells, with SQ, SQE or SQFlex you will benefit from

  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Soft start – easier on battery backup systems
  • Permanent magnet, high efficiency motor
  • Low operating cost
  • Including high-speed, high power models for more applications

Voltage protection

See how the voltage protection built into the SQ and SQE pumps ensures a stable water supply within a wide voltage range.

Dry running protection built-in

See how protecting the SQ and SQE pump from dry running maximises the well capacity, increases reliability and ensures a long pump lifetime.

Soft start built-in

See how soft start-up of the SQ and SQE pump reduces the electrical and mechanical load, benefitting installers and homeowners in many ways.

Grundfos SQ/E Rewards

Do you already own a Grundfos SQ or SQE Pump? We want to hear about it.

Visit our SQE Rewards page for more information. 

Customer Reviews

Love the SQE range. Easy to install, looks good and works well. The VFD performance makes it so easy to choose.
We recently bought 5x of these. They are performing better than expected. Can't recommend more.
Great compact pump. This pump with the CU301 controller is a perfect match, the flow rate and adjustments work so well.
Removed old SQE Ran for 21 Years. Replaced with same pump works very well. Easy to install & wire up .Should not see customer for another 20 years or so.



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