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Boiler systems

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Q: What is direct boiler feed?
A: Variable speed pumps equipped with level sensors to control the water level
Q: What is the purpose of the condenser?
A: To ensure that no pockets of steam remain in the condensate when returning to the Boiler house.
Q: When does cavitation in the feed pumps occur?
A: Cavitation occurs when the pressure in the first impeller or pipes drops below the vapour pressure of the water.
Q: What is the purpose of an economiser?
A: To harness the energy of the boiler’s flue gas and reuse it in other parts of the system
Q: What is the main shortcoming of on/off level control?
A: It does not maintain a constant level in the boiler
Q: Why is chemical treatment of the make-up water necessary?
A: To prevent scaling in the boiler and the water from turning acidic when heated.