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Solar can pay for itself in less than 3 Years

When compared to running a diesel generator powered bore pump, a Grundfos Solar Pumping System can pay for itself in less than three years.

So don’t wait any longer. Start building your drought resilience for years to come with a Grundfos Solar Pumping Solution.

Solar is up to 4 x cheaper than diesel

A Grundfos Solar Pumping Solution is up to 4 x cheaper than a diesel generator powered pump over the first 10 years of operation.

So, for your off-grid stock watering needs, forget diesel and think Grundfos Solar.


Check out some of our Solar installations below...


Location: Simpson, Victoria

Year: 2020

Application: Replacement of old diesel pump for pumping water during winter into holding dams for summer use

Grundfos Product Installed: 8 Solar panels & CRFlex surface pump (CRNF5-6)



Location: Kilcoy, Queensland

Year: 2020

Application: Solar pump upgrade for cattle stock watering plus home water supply and garden irrigation

Grundfos Product Installed: 18 Solar panels, SP submersible pump (SP9-16) & 4 kW RSI



Location: Port Campbell, Victoria

Year: 2019

Application: Replacement of diesel helical rotor system to pump water from dam to cattle and sheep watering troughs

Grundfos Product Installed: 8 Solar panels, SQFlex submersible pump (SQF2.5-2), IO 101 control & CU200 control


Solar Pumping Solutions Brochure

Grundfos offers a range of submersible and surface mount renewable pumping solutions for a range of applications in rural or remote areas including stock watering, irrigation and agricultural water supply and transfer.