Secure business with precise digital dosing

Ion exchanges, membrane filtration and disinfection are all technologies that are applied in industrial wastewater post treatment – and they depend on reliable chemical dosing pumps and systems. With Grundfos, you can get digital dosing that delivers dosing monitoring and accurate control of chemicals.

An ion exchanger has a high demand for precise and reliable chemical dosing to ensure optimal rein regeneration, and to avoid resin destruction. The same goes for membrane systems, which use feed water conditioning (pH, antiscale, and coagulation) and chemical cleaning (CEB and CIP).

Grundfos dosing pumps and systems meet all system design expectations and at the same time deliver optimal control and dose the right amount of chemicals – at the right time and with the right flow.

Looking for chemical treatment solutions?

Chemical treatment is a key part of industrial wastewater treatment. Grundfos offers a wide range of solutions that cover the entire industrial chemical treatment process.

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