AUTOADAPTiga Grundfos COMFORTi paigaldus

Õpi oma AUTOADAPTiga Grundfos COMFORTi lihtsasti paigaldama

Grundfos COMFORT with AUTOADAPT is easy to install.

First, you mount the pump on the return pipe.Then, you identify the supply pipe.
– if in doubt, you can let the hot water run and feel which pipe gets warmer. Then mount the external sensor on the supply pipe.

To operate properly, the sensor must be placed between 25 to 50 centimetres from the discharge port of the hot water source.

Finally, turn on the power.
And that is the installation completed.

That was a brief introduction to installing Grundfos COMFORT AUTOADAPT, the first step towards ensuring maximum comfort in your home.

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