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2 modules
  • Advanced

12 - Proportsionaalsurve rakendamine survetõstesüsteemides | Grundfos

Sellel kursusel saate põhjaliku ülevaate olulistest säästudest, kui kasutate ärihoonete survetõstesüsteemides proportsionaalsurvet.

3 modules
  • Basic

44 - Täielik juhtimine ja tasakaalustamine ALPHA3 ühendatud tsirkulatsioonipumba abil

Sellel kursusel saate põhjaliku ülevaate esimesest sisseehitatud Bluetooth-ühendusega tsirkulatsioonipumbast ALPHA3 ning keskendume eelistele, mida pakub Grundfosi GO rakenduste kasutamine seadme juhtimiseks ja tasakaalustamiseks.

3 modules
  • Basic

The Extended Course on Basic Pump Principles

Get further information on some of the most basic pump principles in the pumping industry.

Learning tracks

0 courses

The basics of Domestic Groundwater

This learning track will give you an introduction to the domestic grounwater intake application.

3 courses
  • Intermediate

Solar Water Solutions Learning Track

Solar power offers a reliable energy source with no operating costs and availability in off-grid areas. In this learning track, we will take you through the main aspects of solar water pumping systems as well as treatment and distribution systems for off-grid communities.

4 courses
  • Basic

Overview of pumps for Domestic Heating

This Ecademy Learning Tracks is a collection of courses related to Domestic Heating applications and will provide a run-through of the most relevant products.