Maximise your energy savings and reduce operating costs with an energy check

Watch the film to find out how a Grundfos energy check can benefit you and your commercial buildings.

Often, upgrading your system and implementing newer, smarter and more efficient pumps can help reduce energy use, operating costs and CO2 emissions – and with an energy check from Grundfos, you can find out exactly how much.

Prices are rising, supply is uncertain and the need for serious climate action is more urgent than ever. Energy consumption accounts for 73% of the world’s CO2 emissions  – that’s why energy optimisation in buildings has the potential to make a real difference. 

So, where do we start? With pumps. They consume a lot of energy – and generally, it’s worth replacing pumps that are more than 10 years old. Often, you can save 50-70% energy .

But even knowing this, it can be hard to justify replacing all your existing pumps. How much can you really save? How do you weigh the investment cost against the payback time? At Grundfos, we can give you an easy answer to those questions. With our Energy Optimisation portfolio, we offer different tools that can help you find out how much energy you can save in your buildings.

Energy Check

The Energy Check uses pump data taken from the nameplate. The flow, head and the pump’s motor power are included, along with the age of the pump and its operating hours. The advantage of the Energy Check lies in the quick process of gathering the necessary data to determine the potential savings.

Energy Check Advanced

The Energy Check Advanced uses actual pump data, including the flow, head and the pump’s motor power, along with the age of the pump and its operating hours. The data is taken from the customer’s own measuring equipment or Building Management System or from spot measurements. The main advantage is that actual pump-related data is used, which gives a more precise look at energy-saving potential. It’s a relatively quick process to gather the necessary pump data and calculate the potential savings.

Energy Audit

In an Energy Audit, measuring equipment is attached to the pump and surrounding pipework and left to monitor the activities of the pumping system during a relatively short and well-defined period. This data is stored on a data logger and put into a diagnostic tool developed by Grundfos, specifically designed to identify excessive energy consumption in any kind of pumping system. The result lets you compare the energy consumed by your present pumping system to that of a more efficient pumping system using the data collected during the monitoring period. The whole system is audited to establish the full energy-saving potential.

Instant results and fast payback

When you install high-efficiency pumps, you get immediate benefits, including reduced operating costs and energy consumption. At the same time, the payback period for implementing high-efficiency pumps is typically less than two years. In most cases, it ranges between 1-3 years, and with rising energy prices you get an even faster payback. 

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