Unlocking sustainability through innovative, digital solutions

Innovation has always been a core part of Grundfos. For years, we’ve been rethinking the way we approach HVAC and water systems – and today, we have pumps that are as close to peak efficiency as possible. 

But we can go further, by embracing digitalisation and moving towards intelligent, connected solutions.

Connectivity is the enabler for all digitalisation

To unleash the true potential of digitalisation and increase sustainability throughout our operations, our devices need to be connected. That’s why we’re changing our product strategy to focus on phasing out fixed-speed pumps and moving towards e-pumps.

We’re pursuing connectivity that goes beyond just our own solutions. Because we’re just a single player, and we cannot solve the world’s water and climate solutions on our own. We need to work together with the right partners to develop innovative, customer-specific solutions.

That’s why a crucial part of our innovation process is to include our customers throughout the different development stages. 

Digitalisation can enable more intelligent, connected solutions.

Energy management system retrofits and new appliances can save 20-30% energy.

Data can unlock energy savings

Installed along with efficient new appliances, home and building energy management system retrofits can enable energy savings of 20% to 30%. In essence, the more data we have, the more and better analytics we can get.

We believe we have to take a full systems perspective, combining highly efficient pumps, smart controls and digital platforms that communicate together to optimise consumption in real-time.

Watch the film to find out how we’re working to develop innovative, digital solutions that can help reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings.

Download a white paper about how smart pumps bring you more value and efficiency while reducing your energy consumption or explore the full details, documentation and specifications of Grundfos smart pumps.