Grundfos launches new ‘Do-it-yourself’ pump configuration tool

To use the new feature customers must first select a hydraulic version of the nearest standard pump from within the Grundfos Product Centre. They are then able to customise the configuration using a simple drop-down interface and traffic-light method that indicates immediately whether each new change is suitable. 

The process automatically takes the user through key decisions, such as motor size, orientation, connection diameter and sensor/communication requirements - all of which are organised into different tabs for speed and ease of use. Each change is automatically accepted or rejected using the traffic lights system and when all lights go green, the new solution is complete. 

Once the new configuration is accepted, it can be saved and then the Product Centre software takes over, automatically updating the specification text, product details and drawings. The new solution can be added to an existing project file and a customized PDF report produced that can be shared with other members of the  team and sent to the Grundfos sales office for further processing.

Tank-mounted Grundfos MTR pumps and Grundfos CR centrifugal in-line pumps are used for a wide range of water supply, treatment and industrial process applications. The new easy-to-use software will save time and minimize down-time when re- designing or upgrading pump systems and making other changes to continuous processes. 

Please click here to get more information and a simple step-by-step guide through the ‘change configuration’ process.