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How to install and commission a Distributed Pumping system

Browse our general recommendations for installing and commissioning, and discover how the Grundfos pumps and tools you’re used to fit straight into a Distributed Pumping system.

Getting started

The process of installing pumps (such as the tried and tested Grundfos MAGNA3 and TPE3) in Distributed Pumping systems is the same as in any other system.

Installing your primary pumps is also no different to what you would do for your standard primary pumps. However, it’s necessary to install both temperature sensors and differential pressure sensors across chillers to ensure full functionality.

Generally, we recommend to:

  • Install distributed pumps on the supply pipe to AHU or FCU
  • Install analogue 4-20mA sensors
  • Connect primary side sensors to Grundfos Control MPC
  • Follow the Grundfos Control MPC installation guide for primary pumps
  • Follow the installation guide on Distributed Pumps like MAGNA3, TPE3

Recommendations for commissioning distributed pumps

When commissioning the distributed pumps, it’s important to know what and how you want your system to be controlled.

Grundfos recommends:

  • Control of Air Handling Units (AHU) based on constant temperature where the discharge air temperature from the airduct determines the speed of the pump, thus controlling the flow across the cooling coil
  • Control of Fan Coil Units (FCU) based on proportional pressure control with the built-in sensor or external sensor, where the pump speed is determined by how many FCUs that are in operation
  • Control of primary chiller pumps based on temperature control balancing flow between the primary and secondary loops. By having equal temperatures between supply primary & supply secondary, and return primary & return secondary, we ensure flow balance thus no flow in the decoupling line/bypass while always maintaining the minimum flow at chillers

The TPE3 enables easy installation and commissioning of your system providing control of pressure and flow in buildings while at the same time securing increased end-user comfort. Find out more in our video.

Easy commissioning with Grundfos GO

With all components coming from just one supplier, commissioning and integration have never been easier. With The Grundfos GO Remote app you are guided through the simple commissioning process, that will make you complete the job at half the time.

Learn how to make installation and commissioning easy with the Grundfos MAGNA3 application wizard. Your benefits include:

  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased system performance

Want more in-depth info on how to install MAGNA3?

Watch our videos below for further insights into MAGNA3, our intelligent, high-efficiency circulator pump.

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It’s easy to see why so many building owners are motivated to implement energy efficient solutions for their properties and assets.

If you’re interested in the benefits of Distributed Pumping and want to explore your options further, then we’re ready to provide you with expert insights.