Reach your sustainability goals – and reduce as much as 25% of installed power

These days, it’s crucial to embrace sustainability and work towards ambitious environmental objectives. That makes it essential to optimise machine processes and systems – and you can do this with innovative solutions, by downsizing pumps and by streamlining product variants. This not only reduces energy consumption but also means lower total cost of ownership and CAPEX. 

Today, around 50% of the power consumed by hydraulic and cooling systems in machine centres is underutilised. But in most cases, these systems are operating at full speed without optimisation. This has been happening for decades, resulting in excessive power consumption. 

By optimising these systems, we can reduce energy consumption by as much as 25% while improving and enhancing machinery. But how do we optimise machine centre hydraulic and cooling systems? 

We’ve developed a series of e-pumps with a multifunctional motor and built-in variable speed functionalit that’s perfectly suited to diverse machine tool applications, flows and pressures. So you can maximise performance and cost savings and ensure efficient production. 

Moreover, smaller filtration, cooling or washing units equipped with fewer control parameters often suffer from excessive control installations and suboptimal system designs. This leads to: 

  • Higher CAPEX due to costly control parts of the equipment
  • Greater OPEX due to an increasing need for engineering programming and expertise
  • Overly complex equipment and solutions

Our design engineers can reduce pump size to less than a third of the fixed-speed pump with Grundfos high-speed e-pumps. That means you get an all-in-one solution that integrates the pump and advanced control functions, with the Grundfos MGE motor serving as a mini PLC. 

Overall, you get reduced system complexity, lower equipment costs, fewer system components, smart productivity, and the convenience of an all-in-one supplier. This helps you achieve a 37% energy reduction compared to fixed-speed pumps, thanks to enhanced efficiency and precise pump sizing.

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Find the right energy-saving machining pump solution

Grundfos e-pumps offer the highest energy savings for your machining needs. Discover and compare pump options based on energy use, sizing, cost, and compactness using the Grundfos Optimized Pump Comparison tool. It’s now available for MT tank-mounted pumps, along with CR/CRE, CR/CME, and MT pump families.

The tool has many great features at your disposal, including: 

  • Sizing inputs and results on the same page
  • Focus on finding the right hydraulic selection
  • Easy to compare energy consumption, LCC, price and compactness
  • More focus on load profile – easy to change and see impact in product sizing and selection
  • Visualising cost over years (LCC view)


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