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Today, machining OEMs require a seasoned full-line machine tool supplier with long-standing expertise and a strong global presence. We have always delivered dedicated solutions to our customers, facilitating smooth business operations and establishing lasting partnerships – and will continue to do so in the future. 

With this expertise and technical support experience, we can offer you peace of mind by quickly and effectively resolving issues. Our specialised technical machine tool experts have deep-rooted sector knowledge, having worked with industry-leading actors for many years to help them get the best out of their machine tool processes. 

At the heart of these partnerships is our global availability. Through a robust supply chain, we offer efficient service and spare parts distribution from our 77 manufacturing and assembly sites strategically located around the world. And with substantial R&D investments each year, we commit to offering efficient, innovative machining tool technologies and solutions that help you stand out from competitors. 

Our range of pumps, including immersible models like SPKE, MTHE, MTSE, and MTRE, is synonymous with quality, robustness, reliability, energy efficiency, versatility and serviceability. And we design each one to cover many machining applications and tailor them to precise industry needs. 

As a one-stop full-line supplier and single vendor, we deliver time and cost savings through our extensive range of performance options and variations. You can access all flow and pressure types, covering 1 to 100 m³/h flows and heads from 5 m to 100 bar, alongside modularisation, customisation and various material options, such as cast iron, SS 1.4301, and SS 1.4401. We also engineer pumps to function at immersed depths ranging from 130 to 1500 mm. 

All our expertise, in one manual 

Our thorough, all-encompassing engineering manual is based on decades of experience from the machine tool sector. Discover insights about our range of pump types, the challenges that arise when integrating them into various applications, and the materials managed across various processes.

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Harness the power of our advanced machine tool and industrial system cooling solutions, each developed and refined over 75 years. Our solutions are built on long-standing industry experience and expertise and countless long-term collaborative global partnerships.

Explore the top 6 benefits our machine tool and system cooling technology brings to you and your customers – and discover how you can be at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

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