Are you prepared for the monsoon season?


Avoid flooding and property damage with our solutions

Ideal for Apartment complexes

Unilift AP

  • Handy & easy to transport, automatic operation
  • Suitable for permanent & portable installations
  • Pools, rainwater, drainage water & flood water

Ideal for communities, villas & bungalows

Unilift KP

  • Handy & easy to transport, Auto restart
  • Suitable for permanent & portable installations
  • Drainage of flooded buildings & cellars

Ideal for individual homes & small bungalows


  • Compact, easy-to-handle, automatically operate
  • Light weight, suitable for portable installations
  • Draining from basements & garages

Stay safe and be prepared

Although the monsoon is a seasonal weather pattern that occurs all over the world, India experiences the most extreme cases yearly. The heavy rainfall increases the likelihood of accidents, power outages and weather hazards. 

image source: reuters