Design and build the most accurate and reliable industrial chiller unit

Extracting heat from a liquid is a critical process that requires extreme accuracy and reliability. You need to be in complete control of both working time and temperature. 

A key difference-making factor that can help extend the lifetime of a system is to include components that allow the fan not to run constantly. This can be done with a pump that has a variable frequency drive integrated into an MGE motor. The pump, a crucial component that provides the system intelligence, makes it possible to determine when it’s necessary to move the water. That means the right pump solution can help increase accuracy and reliability, provide complete control of operations and offer an extended lifetime.

By integrating an E-pump into your system, you can reduce your footprint, manufacturing costs and material inputs as these are lower than pump solutions with external frequency converters. And the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about working conditions changing since the built-in security protection helps maintain temperature, liquid type, pump and motor without any external input.

Grundfos variable frequency drives can also do more than simply control speed. They can be used to perform logic tasks and other processes that typically require a controller or PLC – processes that ultimately help you simplify your system setup.

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