Full range of pump types required for industrial effluents

No matter the wastewater PH level, temperature or composition, Grundfos offers a wide range of pump types to help cover almost all possibilities – from modularity on materials selection to product qualities.

To ensure reliable industry wastewater pumping, you need to carefully consider which pumps and systems you select. Corrosion, heating failures, clogging and jamming are just some of the most common issues faced in industrial wastewater pumping.

The combination of high temperatures, extreme PH levels and high chemical and salt levels are typically the source of aggressive wastewater in industry settings. But by ensuring the right material builds quality, such as SS in hydraulic parts or impellers, you can prevent pump failure.


In the table above, you can see the typical ranges of wastewater compositions in various industries and the impact this has on selecting the right type of pumps for pumping effluents.

Selecting the right type of pump is crucial for designing the right system and for turnkey plants. With a wide variety of offerings, Grundfos fulfils most OEM needs in this regard – and we have all the materials, capacity and performance you’ll need.

We offer a wide range of product variants. Download our pdf below to explore the different options you can select from, depending on your needs.

At Grundfos, we want you to have the right pumps for whatever industrial wastewater project you’re working on. Download our brochure to find out how to select the right pump.

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