High-efficiency pumping solutions to help meet sustainability requirements

With our solutions, you can help your customers meet the increasingly strict sustainability requirements across both national and international legislation.

SE/SL pumps offer both high wire-to-water efficiency and high motor efficiency with IE3-compatible components, keeping the total energy consumption to a minimum. The SE and SL pump ranges are easy to service after they have been in operation, and their performance and efficiency levels can be restored to the original factory level.

Grundfos wastewater pumps for pumping industrial effluents are available with an S-tube impeller that provides the highest level of pump efficiency. The S-tube offers greater hydraulic efficiency than any other type of wastewater impeller without compromising free passage. This results in the lowest lifecycle cost, trouble-free operation and best-in-class non-clogging capabilities.

A Grundfos S-tube impeller and its uncompromising hydraulic efficiency along the wider operating curve.

How selecting the right material can improve pump durability

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Explore the NBGE VORTEX range

The NBGE, SuperVortex impeller is suitable for water treatment fertigation, controls & digital groundwater management and other applications. 

Explore the NKGE VORTEX range

The NKGE, SuperVortex impeller is suitable for commercial wastewater, industrial wastewater treatment & reuse, and wastewater transport.

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