Benefit from an energy recovery system

We offer a medium and high-pressure reverse osmosis system that can be applied to industrial wastewater post treatment to produce high-quality reuse water. The pressure requirements for reverse osmosis systems depend on the type of industrial wastewater you are working with as well as its dissolved solids content. Textile and automotive industry wastewater, for example, has a relatively high salt content compared to the brewery industry, so these require high-pressure systems.

Pumps account for almost all of the energy used by a reverse osmosis system. That means having efficient pumps and an energy recovery system in place will enable your customers to save a significant amount of energy. Our energy recovery system is based on pressure exchange, and includes high-pressure feed pumps, integrable sensors and connectivity options, making it the perfect solution to reduce your reverse osmosis system’s energy use.

You can also design your own energy-efficient reverse osmosis system with energy recovery by using our configuration tool, which will show you the energy-saving potential with just a few clicks.

Find the right size for your application

Use our sizing tool to start sizing your product. Select parameters, including pre-feed pressure, feed pressure, permeate flow and density to get started.

Lots of incremental savings can add up to bigger margins. Book a meeting with one of our consultants for a no-obligation chat about how we can find ways to optimise your operations and system building.