Ensure water quality with digital sensors

Many post treatment processes depend on monitoring of typical water quality parameters as well as precise control of disinfection addition or pH adjustment. By adding a dosing instrumentation digital sensor, you can ensure high water quality at all times and meet compliance and the future needs of your customers.

Grundfos also offers an online measuring and control system, DID, for full integration with digital communication and data logging. Grundfos DID systems are the perfect combination of state-of-the-art digital sensor technology and Grundfos’ experience in PID controlling of dosing and disinfection processes. DID systems are available as pre-assembled systems with bypass flow cells that are intended for monitoring and control of disinfectants, pH, ORP, conductivity and temperature. They are also available as tank-immersed kits for application with up to two sensors for pH, ORP and conductivity, and always include temperature measurement.

DID systems are designed to match perfectly with Grundfos dosing pumps, gas dosing systems and systems that generate and dose chlorine dioxide and hypochlorite.

Learn more about DID

Our DID measurement and control solution is suitable for commercial water disinfection, drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment. Explore the applications below.

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