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Meet Elena - our digital wizard

Elena Ciobanu, Senior Frontend Developer 


Who am I

I have a bachelor in Computer Science and a master in Programming and Multimedia Design. In 2017, I joined Grundfos, because I wanted to be a part of the digital journey as a Frontend Developer. My dream is to work for a large company where I can meet and learn from a lot of different colleagues, who are more experienced than me. This makes Grundfos a great fit for me. 

Our solutions are providing water and driving change in the world, which is really important.
Elena Ciobanu

How I make a difference

As a Frontend Developer, I work on implementing the user interfaces of our digital offerings. Moreover, I create the connection to the backend that delivers the data and translates it into visuals that is accessible to the customers. Our solutions are providing water and driving change in the world, which is really important. And being able to give face to those water pumps is even more exciting. The user interfaces are the first thing our customers see and makes the first impression. It is super important that a user interface is something our customers can interact with.  


What drives me

I love the technical part of my job, but also the business case behind what we are building, the goals, and the visions of the projects. It is not something that is already out there. We are making a difference with the digital offerings, we bring to our customers. It is great being a part of this new journey and having the power to influence and create change – to have a say in what is going on. 


On my toes

Our Digital Transformation Office is a cool, open space office with different people from all over the world. I really enjoy the way we are structured in scrum teams, where you have a product owner and a scrum master. This team culture is super flexible, and each team has a goal and a vision they are working towards. We are all developers in the department and can easily share knowledge and help each other. This is helpful, as we work within constant change, which is really interesting and keeps me challenged and on my toes. We have the flexibility and freedom to use the tools we find best. And we keep up to date with everything that is happening out there while challenging and developing ourselves. 

Fun fact

Me and my team have built a fireplace out of cardboard and a tv in one evening for Christmas to hang our stockings at the office.

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