Research and Development

Gabi Sanporean, Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer

"I see my own values present in Grundfos, because I, as a chemical engineer, understand what is at stake with the environmental changes we see."

Marketing and Sales

Brad Slagle, Key Account Manager

"I am the link between Grundfos and our customers, aligning two sets of core values and offering solutions."


Lars Emborg, Operations Technician

"Besides working on repairs, I always try to optimize and improve parts of the production wherever I can."

Digital and IT

Elena Ciobanu, Frontend Developer

"We have the flexibility and freedom to use the tools we find best and keep up to date with everything that is happening out there while challenging and developing ourselves."

Business Development

Rose Kampmann, Lead Business Developer

"As a product owner, I develop IoT solutions for commercial buildings, making them more energy efficient."

Supply Chain

Antonio Serra, Senior Supply Chain Director

"Grundfos combines industrial production with care for the environment, so you really feel a sense of purpose, making me proud to be working here."

Corporate Functions

Mai Fruergaard Hansen, Lead Project Manager

"If you show passion, work hard, and take the lead, the opportunities seem endless."

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