Grundfos supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals need all the attention they can get. Grundfos particularly supports goal 6 and goal 13, because that’s where we feel we can make a difference. Focusing on ensuring clean water for all and combating climate change, these two goals highlight the importance of water to human life.

Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation

Goal 6 focuses on providing universal access to clean water and sanitation, which an estimated 785 million people currently do not have. This not only has a negative impact on their food safety and hygiene, it also affects job and education opportunities.

Goal 13: Climate action

Goal 13 focuses on stopping climate change and mitigating its harmful effects. It’s inevitable that climate change will cause water levels to rise and create extreme weather conditions if this important issue is not addressed immediately.


The Men’s EHF EURO will be conducted in five sporting venues in Hungary and Slovakia respectively. The largest of the five stadiums is Budapest Multifunctional sports hall with a capacity of up to 20,000 spectators. Therefore it’s essentially important that the pumps within this stadium runs smoothly throughout the entire tournament without faults. In the newly build Budapest Multifunctional sports hall  63 pumps are set to work reliably behind the scene, securing players and officials with efficient water supply, while also reducing the overall power consumption in the stadium.

Bringing comfort and sustainability into large venues

Budapest Multifunctional sports hall is an example of great sporting venues, where Grundfos pumps works silently and efficiently. Another great example is Krakow Arena in Poland, where up to 100 Grundfos pumps keeps the Arena sustainable and comfortable for thousands of fans. 

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Energy consumption and CO² emissions play a critical role in climate change. As climate change can lead to severe droughts in some places and heavier rainfall and floods in others, energy reduction is a crucial step that we can take together.

With intelligent solutions not only can we unlock huge hidden energy savings, but we can also reduce our carbon footprint dramatically, conserve valuable water - while improving on comfort.