When Kraków Arena is full, here's what works behind the scenes

The right choice of systems and devices makes one tend to forget about repair work.
Krystian Sobota, Director of Technical Services, Tauron Arena, Kraków, Poland

It is one of Europe's largest indoor arenas. The brightly-lit, spaceship-looking building hosts concerts, figure skating, extreme sports, martial arts, trade fairs and more near the centre of Kraków, Poland. Tauron Arena Kraków opened in 2014.

Director of Technical Services Krystian Sobota covers a lot of ground every day. Anything to do with comfort or safety of people in the arena – hot and cold water, ventilation, A/C, heat, security, anti-fire, wastewater – that is his job.

"When the arena is full of 15,000 visitors, we face a diversity of challenges," he says. "Our technical team is responsible for working all the pumping systems, including the basic ones, which provide cold and hot water, proper ventilation or air-conditioning." Standing-room-only events can fill the hall with 22,000 people.

"All water points have to be accessible during intermissions, so the best choice of pumps is extremely important. Our guests should be able to take advantage of the entire water and heating systems."

“Grundfos pumps greatly limit our energy consumption, save our company considerable expense and reduce maintenance costs,” says Technical Director Krystian Sobota of Tauron Arena Kraków.

The solution

When initiating the project, the designers considered which pumps would be most suitable, Krystian Sobota says. "They chose, in my opinion, the best pumps on the market." These included the Multi Hydro-E booster system, MAGNA3 circulators and TPE3 pumps, among other products. "Grundfos pumps allow us to achieve excellent results while saving on electricity and space at the same time."

Sobota's team uses the Grundfos Go mobile app on tablets for quick pump monitoring and data management.

"The monitoring system is very helpful," he says. "It encompasses the connection to the building management system and a local control system based on mobile apps. The apps enable a direct reading of the pumps' technical parameters. This, in turn, saves us considerable time and energy, which is essential for the entire workings of the hall."

The Hydro Multi-E Booster set ensures pressure in the water supply throughout the huge arena - also when it is filled with 22,000 guests.

The outcome

When the arena is full, everything just has to work. "Grundfos pumps are the only pumps in the world that provide both the full specifications and technical parameters to ensure all water and HVAC systems function properly," he says.

He adds that using Grundfos pumps ensure considerable energy savings, especially during large-scale events, which require that the arena uses water efficiently and sustainably. "The use of Grundfos pumps greatly limits energy consumption, saves our company considerable expense and reduces maintenance costs."The right choice of systems and devices makes one tend to forget about repair work, and it enormously facilities efficient maintenance practices," says Krystian Sobota. "When using Grundfos pumps, the only thing required is an occasional system check."

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