High performance, energy-optimised commercial buildings

Our work is everyone’s workplace, and everyone’s home – the hospitals, residential high-rises, airports and offices that keep us moving.

Places where everyday comfort and energy efficiency meet to provide heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water applications.

The Commercial Buildings Services Division is headquartered in Singapore, a landmark location for energy-efficient buildings.

We’re directly present on five continents, serving a multitude of customers with reliable and high-technology products and solutions, as well as a range of services including energy and system optimisation. 

New levels of comfort and efficiency

Our intelligent system of decentralised pumps, drives, sensors and software replace traditional balance and control valves to save energy and optimise your commercial building’s HVAC performance, resulting in minimised costs and a more comfortable indoor climate.

With more efficient pump solutions, the world’s energy consumption can be heavily reduced. The result is higher performing buildings, greater indoor comfort, increased water safety – and a positive impact on climate change and global emissions.

A commercial system solution for every application

From hotels and hospitals to office towers and airports, every commercial building has its own special requirements.

With us, you’ll get smarter and more sustainable workplaces and places to live with increasing comfort and energy efficiency.

Moving the limits with our customers

Find out how significant energy savings have been unlocked in commercial buildings around with world using Grundfos intelligent HVAC solutions.

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