The home is a place of comfort and sustainability

Nothing should disrupt the comfort of home. We know good pressure and a trusted heating system make all the difference, and that comfort and efficiency are friends, not enemies.

That’s why we’re here: to serve OEMs, distributors, installers, and homeowners with some of the world’s most energy-efficient pumps and solutions for domestic homes.

The Domestic Building Services Division is headquartered in Bjerringbro, Denmark. We develop, produce, and sell smaller domestic pumps and solutions for single family housing and residential buildings, serving six domestic applications in heating, HVAC OEM, domestic hot water, boosting, drainage, and wastewater.

We have an opportunity and responsibility to enable homeowners to reduce their climate impact and increase comfort. This inspires our aspiration to offer homeowners the most attractive choices for sustainable homes and comfortable lives.

A domestic pump solution for every application

Get the full details of Domestic Building Services solutions in heating, HVAC OEM, domestic hot water, boosting, drainage, and wastewater – follow the links below.

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