New CR pushes the boundaries

The new generation Grundfos CR pumps are designed for world-class efficiency and reliability - with millions of customisable solutions.


Introducing the CR 185 and CR 215 – our biggest addition to date

Our new and improved generation of Grundfos CR pumps now has two impressive new additions, the CR 185 and CR 215 – giving us a flow range capacity up to 240 m3/h and 280m3/h respectively.

We continue to push the boundaries with this strong addition to the world’s most modular pump range. Our new hydraulic design improves everything from impeller and guide vanes to inlet, discharge port, sleeve and diffuser – giving you world-class energy efficiency and improving pump reliability even more than before. 

The launch of the CR 185 and CR 218 ushers in a new era of pump performance, giving you the largest flow range so far with capacity up to 240 m3/h and 280m3/h respectively. Our CR range delivers world class reliability, with pumps that are tested to the absolute limits and beyond to offer optimised operating economy via enhanced hydraulic efficiency, and cover millions of applications solutions to fit your every need.

The CR 185 and CR 215 are the first and the second of three new CR pumps and the new CR range will push the boundaries of performance. See more in detail below and get a first-hand look at the added value of the new flow range capacities brought to you by the new CR 185 and CR 215. The pumps have been designed using state-of-the-art simulation-driven processes and have been field-tested around the world – so you can install and operate the range with total confidence.

Push the boundaries

Watch our short film introducing the extended CR pump range

Increased efficiency and reduced downtime at a chemical plant

A chemical plant in mid-west USA required a reliable pump to match the demands of chemical production. Here, a CR 95 pumps were installed, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime at the plant. In fact, the pumps proved to be almost maintenance free.

Large savings and efficiency gains for a water utility

In Austria, a water utility installed a Grundfos CR 95 pump from the new extended range to ensure a safe, energy-efficient and cost-saving water supply to 50,000 residents. In addition, the new pump fits with the utility’s own sustainability ambitions.

Explore the new CR pump range in detail

The new generation of Grundfos CR pumps introduces world-class efficiency upgrades and a range of new features that will further improve pump reliability.

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Much of a pressure-boosting pump’s total cost goes to energy and maintenance. Read the Grundfos whitepaper to increase your understanding of how you get better results from an investment in pressure-boosting performance.

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