Intelligent systems: automation, remote control and monitoring

With transfer pumps installed across different locations of a factory, supervision and remote operation can pose a challenge unless supported by the right communication interface. We offer decentralised solutions that enable different components to communicate, empowering you to remotely monitor and control the different parts of the system. This ensures complete reliability at your customers’ facilities and total peace of mind for your customers.

You can get all the required information from our system integrator tool in a central hub, helping save time and adding more value to your customer. Select the relevant pump and the BUS protocol type to know the related communication module and other information, such as resource files, wiring diagram, and even programming examples. 

A central hub of information for ease of access

Find all the information related to your pump in a few clicks to remotely monitor and control the system.

Top 5 ways to add value to the water intake and supply pumping system

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