Get peace of mind and eliminate maintenance with leakage-free design

Leakage-free components are crucial in industrial chiller processes because leaking pumps can lead to costly downtime and affect part costs. To help address this challenge, our submerged MTHE and MTRE pumps incorporate Grundfos DBT technology (drainage back to tank).

The DBT feature allows pumps to effectively eliminate the risk of leakage since the liquid remains in the tank where it is supposed to be – even if the shaft seal is worn out and starts to leak.

The MTHE and MTRE pumps are intelligent, energy-efficient multistage pumps designed for key processes in industrial chiller applications – and they fit seamlessly with other components.

MTHE and MTRE pumps offer a reduced footprint for the system, energy efficiency through their best-in-class hydraulic and permanent magnet motor as well as full operational control and easy integration with all standard MGE features built-in.

  • Eliminates downtime risk due to leakage
  • No risk of contamination
  • Longer service intervals
  • Reduction of part costs
  • Non-sticking solution for the shaft seal

Grundfos MTHE: Compact leakage-free E-pump for chiller applications

The MTHE is a compact and leakage-free e-pump with an integrated tank and limited space that’s suitable for chiller applications and general machine tool applications. 

Grundfos MTRE: Easy-to-integrate and efficient pump for OEM chiller solutions

Designed for tank-top mounting, the MTRE vertical multistage immersible pump offers high energy efficiency and durability, making it ideal for industrial chiller units.

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