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The Grundfos DDA-FCM digital dosing pump offers a new level of precision for dosing. The solution ranks as an industry leader on parameters such as performance, chemical consumption accuracy, and maintenance requirements. Combined with the fact that you need fewer installed external system components, it’s a solution that can help you and your customers save both time and money. 

The Grundfos DDA-FCM digital dosing pump works by measuring and dosing the chemical consumption according to the exact process requirements. The pump can detect leakages and poor external system performance and perform the necessary adjustments – or send an alert. That means users only pay for the chemicals that are actually needed instead of wasting or underperforming.

With maintenance typically only needed once every two years, it’s the perfect solution for customers that want hassle-free operations. It’s a self-serving, self-learning and auto-correcting pump that optimises chemical treatment from day one.

Learn about the FlowControl Measurement module and how it can enable intelligent control of the flow in your customers’ systems.

Do your customers struggle with outdated pump technology?

Grundfos has declared war against outdated pump technology, and we are fighting back with intelligent pump solutions. Watch the film to discover how.

Top 3 benefits of our state-of-the-art technology for optimising chemical treatment

With state-of-the-art technology, Grundfos can help you and your customers future-proof business while reducing complexity across the value chain. Tap into technical expertise and dedicated support every step of the way – and take advantage of 3 benefits tailored to chemical treatment.

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