Monitor the water quality in the cooling tower to control the amount of needed chemicals every time

Whenever one of your customers use water in their industrial processes, they also change the content and thus the water quality. In many countries the water needs to be treated afterwards to avoid contamination of the water cycle by industrial substances. 

This is why we ask you: Do you want to enable your customers to maintain their cooling system in a safe and reliable way? An efficient control of chemical treatment for wastewater reuse in cooling towers can provide the owner and operators of a building a real value that will reinforce and expand your business differentiating you from your competition. Know more about our disinfection concept using chlorine dioxide in an industrial facility’s cooling tower. 

You can also have a look ahead to the potential for your customers with remote monitoring from a chemical management system to further reduce scaling and fouling in pipes and systems and reduce resource demanding compliance reporting.

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Top 6 benefits ensuring optimised performance and effective control of temperature in cooling towers

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