Did you know that we can pre-configure your pump in advance before integrating it in your cooling tower?

We can supply pre-configured electronic pumps anywhere in the world, simplifying the installation, component selection, sizing, and documentation, and maximising production efficiency. And the most important – we will configure them based on your needs and the specifications of your customer system.

We offer 3 possibilities: 

  1. Do it yourself through the free Grundfos GO REMOTE app, which lets you connect your smartphone to your E-pump.
  2. Use Grundfos GO Link, a tool you can download from Grundfos Product Center and install on a Windows PC of your choice to be used in environments where wireless devices in general are prohibited or Internet connections are not available.
  3. Let us supply you with pre-configured speed-controlled pumps through our GSC files. Just provide us with some parameters of your system and we can upload the configuration to all your ordered pumps at once and before shipping them to you so you can save a huge time on configuration and commissioning.

Select the solution that suits you better

Chose the tool that will help you to configure your pump depending on your needs and orders.


Grundfos GO Link

Download here our intuitive toolbox for mobile pump control that provides you with instant pump data, designed to save you time and effort.


Grundfos configuration files

For creating customised Grundfos configuration files, you need to contact us. Fill the form and we will reach out to you.

Top 6 benefits ensuring optimised performance and effective control of temperature in cooling towers

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