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Get the GO Remote app and control all Grundfos E-products

Ensure easy and reliable installation, commissioning and maintenance of your Grundfos pumps, and also save time with quick overviews and automatic documentation on Grundfos GO Remote.

Learn how an easy and reliable remote-control tool makes life easier

Control Grundfos E-products remotely, ensure easy and reliable installing, commissioning and maintenance, and save time on reporting with the intuitive Grundfos GO Remote app. For Installers, once you have downloaded the app to your smartphone or tablet, you get many benefits that make your working day better:


  • Control pumps remotely

With the app in your hand, you can control one or more pumps remotely, monitor their duty points, power consumption, speed and temperature.


  • Easy to use

The intuitive graphical interface supports 30+ languages, with step by step assistance available for online pump configuration, maintenance and repair


  • Generate pump reports

The app lets you generate and sign PDF reports on the spot to save you the hassle with pen, paper and printouts – and you can choose to mail the report to yourself or your customer.


  • Easy troubleshooting

No more guessing why a pump is not up to par. The app will tell you what’s wrong and what to do about it.

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