Better pressure boosting systems

Is you pump system too loud? Are you experiencing low water pressure at home? These are very common problems indeed and usually due to poor system quality or or during peak usage times. 

UPGRADING to a smart boosting system that adjusts its performance to the demand not only ensures that you always get perfect water pressure, but enjoy intelligent features and ultimate comfort at home as well!


Get perfect water pressure with these solutions:


  • Self-priming
  • Compact, designed for a wide range of garden & domestic applications
  • Robust design
  • Built-in protective features


  • Intelligent control & monitoring
  • Designed for fast & easy installation
  • Booster technology enables twin pump connection for larger systems
  • Fully integrated, all-in-one waterworks


  • Intelligent control adjusts operation automatically  
  • Designed for fast & easy installation
  • Fully integrated, all-in-one waterworks
  • Quite operation, low noise level of 47 dB(A)

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