Travelling This Summer? Here's how to keep your garden green


Bags? Check.

Tickets? Check.

Keys? Check.

Light switch? Off.

Gardens? Watered.

But wait…

In this weather won’t your garden dry up by the next morning?

While UAE is one of the most visited tourist destinations during the summer, many residents opt to travel outside the country to cooler places to escape the hot climate.

But what about their gardens that were so carefully maintained throughout the year?

How do you keep your gardens regularly watered when you’re not at home? 


For Indoor Plants, this easy watering technique can ensure you travel happily without any withering stress:

The Traditional Water Wicking Method 

A sizable water bottle and a string of cotton rope is all you need!

Cut the cotton rope long enough to extend to the bottom of the soil of your plant and place the other end of the cotton rope into a large bottle of water (the rope should be long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle).

  1. If the string floats, tie it to a weight to submerge the rope into the bottle of water.
  2. Ensure to keep the mouth of the bottle above the base of the plant so the water can travel down the string easily.
  3. The size of the bottle can vary based on the duration of your travel. Longer the travel, larger the water source – this may also vary based on the number of pots being watered.

An image of several pots showcasing the wicking method from the bigger container filled with water is shown by AlfieandGem in their blog - “Self-Watering Plant Hacks, So You Can Enjoy Your Holiday!

We recommend covering the top of your container, to minimize evaporation and ensure your plants get watered adequately while you’re away.



For Outdoor Lawns and Gardens, it can be a tough job trying to maintain an outdoor garden while you’re away on holiday. The scorching sun and the humid climate can eventually damage your lush green garden for good.

Finding DIY methods or energy-free products that can easily water your lawn can be hectic. You might end up relying on your neighbour or gardener to do the job.

Alternatively, many homes install an electric timer along with a dedicated pump for their gardens, which can be costly and heavy on maintenance.

With advancements in technology, there’s now a fully integrated water pump perfect for gardens.

The SCALA1 is a smart water pump that will have your gardens covered while you’re on holiday, or even at home.

With its smart scheduling function, you can customize the days and timing according to your preference directly from your phone.

Now you can sit indoors and relax with an iced cold drink while SCALA1 keeps your gardens watered. 


To view some of the tips on how to maintain your outdoor lawn, check out our previous blog: How much water does your lawn need?

And to find out how to use the app and connect the pump, simply click the link below and make sure your lawn is never dry again!

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